Old Metropolitan Hall | Contact
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Old Met

101 E Main Street

Charlottesville, Virginia 22902


(434) 260.7144

Business Office

400 E Water St.

Suite B

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Contact Us!


​If you’re interested in seeing Old Metropolitan Hall, we would love to show you around! Please know that tours are available by appointment only.​ ​​​To start the​ inquiry​ process, please ​click on and complete the form​ below​. ​ ​If you are not sure of your​ ​event details, no ​problem, please fill out the form as best you can​,​ and ​we will be in touch​!

​If you have any questions, please​ don’t hesitate to​ Email​ Us​ or call (​434-260-7144)